Project description


We are 5 European schools which need to connect our endeavors to extend the students’ information and intrigued in subjects related to heritage of our nations – Geology, History, Literature, etc. In addition, in a world touched by globalization in which individuals have a propensity to miss their possess national legacy, we require our understudies to go back to their claim roots by knowing the traditions and conventions which have been passed on from era to era. We are of the conclusion that in the event that you don’t know your roots, you don’t know your foundation and in the event that you don’t know your establishment, you’ll never flourish. In this manner, we need to develop our students’ energetic sentiments, making them see back to their past and their beginnings, whereas at the same time opening their skylines to other societies and their specificities.


1st: Increasing the students responsibility concerning maintaining, valuing and protecting the European cultural heritage;

2nd: Encouraging an intercultural exchange of ideas between teachers;

3rd: Creating and developing activities that integrate European cultural heritage into the learning process;

4th: Creating an EU community of pupils and teachers;

5th : Improving participants’ language and ICT skills as well as their school performance;

6th : Promoting inclusion, tolerance and acceptance of pupils from various cultural backgrounds.


6 exchanges:

1. The Italian heritage – hosted by Italy in February 2021 (postponed)

2. The Portuguese Heritage – hosted by Ponta Delgada in May 2021 (planned to postpone)

3. The European Heritage – October 2021

4. The Turkish Heritage – March 2022

5. The Spanish Heritage – April 2022

6. The Hungarian Herritage – June 2022