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Erasmus Program, which is a European Union project that encourages the cooperation of educational institutions and the short-term experience of students and academics in different countries and educational institutions within the framework of this cooperation, makes a significant contribution to the exchange of culture and information between students and academics from different cultures. Thanks to this exchange program, which is held within a certain period of time, students and academicians have the opportunity to see and experience the social and cultural values ​​of the countries they visit.

Martyr Lokman Oktay Secondary School, located in Istiklal District, is hosting 13 students and accompanying teachers from Spain, Portugal and Hungary within the scope of Erasmus+ KA229 Short-Term Exchange Program in Turkey. The students, who got to know Turkey closely through the trips and programs organized, also visited Ümraniye Mayor İsmet Yıldırım. President Yıldırım, who was very interested in the students, expressed his satisfaction with the visit. Sharing information about Ümraniye and Turkey, Yıldırım presented students and teachers with handmade porcelain plates prepared in the Traditional Arts Workshop. European students presented Yıldırım with products and books belonging to their countries.

Project Coordinator Zeynep İlge Uzun said in her statement, “As Şehit Lokman Oktay Secondary School, we welcome students and teachers from Europe with a 6-day program. Erasmus Program makes a great contribution to the cultural and personal development of students. We also visited Ümraniye Municipality and wanted our guests to see a local government institution on site. We thank our esteemed president for his hospitality. Our work will continue in the coming period,” he said.

Spanish dissemination

Portugal dissemination

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